Old Town French

French classes in Old Town Alexandria for children

Card Games Les jeux de cartes


Print these cards up and cut them out on the line.  You and your child can find the matching cards or the cards that go together.  

You may also play "Go fish".  In French, we say VAS PECHER.  One person asks "Est-ce que tu as....?" and if the other person has that specific card, s/he gives it to the other person.  If the person doesn't have that card, they say "Non, vas pĂȘcher" and s/he takes a card from the top of the pile. The object of the game is to collect pairs.  At the end of the game, the person with the most pairs wins.

 Winter words

les couleurs

 J'ai de petits yeux (body parts and what they do)

Salutations (put the salutation with the animal that rhymes with the salutation)

Halloween vocabulary

Kitchen vocabulary

QUI A? Who has?

One of my favorite games to play in a French immersion classroom because children have to really listen to each other read their cards.  This game is for children who can read in French.

How to play: Distribute all the cards.  The youngest(or oldest) person begins by reading their card and discarding it by placing it in the middle of the group. The person who has the answer to that card reads their card and discards the card.   The game continues until all the cards have been read and the last card is the question to the first card that was read at the beginning of the game. 

Halloween vocabulary (with images) 

Halloween vocabulary (without images)

Parts of the body(with images)

Parts of the body(without images)

Au restaurant