Summer Camp 2018 La Pātisserie Summer Camp 2018 La Pātisserie La galette des rois 205187596 Making la galette des rois 205187597 Making la galette des rois 205187598 Vive la galette des rois 205187599 J'AI TROUVE LA FEVE! I found the lucky charm! 205187600 Cutting circles in the dough to make la galette des rois 205187601 la galette des rois 205187602 A good baker wears a toque and an apron! 205187603 Putting frangipane in the galette des rois 205187604 La galette des rois 205187605 La galette des rois 205187606 La galette des rois 205187607 La galette des rois 205187608 La galette des rois 205187609 La galette des rois 205187610 La mousse au chocolat 205188744 La mousse au chocolat 205188745 La mousse au chocolat 205188746 Vive le chocolat! 205188747 La mousse au chocolat 205188748 Folding the whites to make la mousse au chocolat 205188749 Trying out the chocolate 205188750 Beating the egg whites until they are stiff Les blancs en neige 205188751 Gently fold 205188752 Chez la boulangerie 205195137 Les blancs en neige! C'est reussi! 205195138 Dans la cuisine 205195139 Visitons la France Le'ts visit France 205195140 4th of July A French soldier from the American Revolutionary War visited us to talk about the great role the French had in helping America's fight for independence. 205195141 Dans la cuisine 205195142 Les chouquettes 205195143 A little history of the King's Cake Some children presented the history and other information about the pastries we made this week.Other children served the pastries to our families on the last day. 205195144 On melange la pate a choux Stirring the choux mix. 205195145 Les sables On the 4th of July, we cut the sables cookies in Eiffel Tower, Fleur de Lis and Star shapes. 205195146 Dans la cuisine Our intern from Caen, Normandy, Mathieu, helps us in the kitchen. 205195147 Visit from a French Soldier 205195148 Les bricolages Victoria helped us with our arts & crafts this week. 205195149 Souris! Say cheese! or fromage! 205195150 Beating the whites On bat les blancs. 205195151 Visit from a French Soldier 205195152 Playing Bingo to learn French 205195186 1 2 3 Soleil 1 2 3 Soleil is like 'Red light Green light'. 205195187