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French classes in Old Town Alexandria for children

French Book Club

Whether you are learning French with your child or already speak the French language, you are welcome to join our French book club, offered through the well-known French children's publisher, L'ECOLE DES LOISIRS. For about $9 per month, you receive a children's book that is appropriate for his/her age-level. I often read these books in class.  I can also help you pronounce the words and understand the meaning.  This year, the publisher will also have recordings of the book available for us so we can read along with a fluent speaker.  Please email me at oldtownfrench@gmail.com to join or see me for more details.  Here is some information in French: http://www.ecoledesmax.com/.  

 Below are interactive games made by L'ECOLE DES LOISIRS that complement each story.  Can be played on the IPad, IPhone or your computer. 

Audio books 

A great way or your child (and you) to improve your French comprehension and prononciation is to listen to the audio of your French books.  If you joined the French book club, you may listen to most stories, read by the publisher of the books.

Listen to the 2017-18 books here! Click on "Listen to stories" and the book club you chose for your child.

Games that go with our books!
These online games accompany the books you receive each month.  I have put my favorite games below but you may find more games that go with books here.


Here is a board game you can print up.  "Go Forward, Little Cars".  Min players: 2, max players 4.  Each player chooses a little car and a lane. The  goal is to get to the circus first. Each player picks a card. If the player picks a vehicule, they can advance one spot.  An acrobat means you stay on the same spot while doing a somersault.  And if you pick an animal, if you have to make the noise of the animal but also you stay on that spot.  The person to get to the ARRIVE (circus) wins!

L'imagier de Pop

Help color Pop. Name the color you are using.


A fun sound memory game that goes along with the book. Match the sounds. 


Find pairs of characters.  Each pair has a hat and has no hat.

Argento Click on the different parts of the ocean to learn what you find in the ocean(la mer).


Pas faim?

Pas faim? 

Watch an interview with the author/illustrator of this book, Alex Sanders.

Ouvre-moi ta porte

Look at these different "cerfs-volants" (kites). Les cerfs-volants

Watch this video from the original version of this song, "Dans sa maison, un grand cerf".  What are the similarities and differences between this video and the book? Dans sa maison un grand cerf


Le grand imagier des animaux

Le grand imagier

Hear and see the names of all different animals by putting the little mouse on the animal.

Choisis un animal

Choisis un animal

Guess what animal I'm thinking of.  An elimination game.

Les habits de Lulu

Learn different names of clothes in French by dressing Lulu. 

Les habits de Lulu


Chouette! J'ai grandi!

Put all the Lola's in order from the biggest to the smallest. Chouette, j'ai grandi!



Help the elephant learn the names of different vehicles!



Les oretils n'ont pas de nom

Les orteils n'ont pas de nom Practice naming the toes (les orteils)! Practice counting, saying the alphabet, naming the colors, naming the musical notes or naming fruit.

Super Bobo

 Super Bobo Help Super Bobo get better by giving him band-aids on different parts of his boby

Bonjour facteur

Bonjour facteur Help the mailman deliver his precious cargo.

Les orteils n'ont pas de nom

Les orteils n'ont pas de nom Play with the toes and practice saying their different names!


 Il est ou mon canari? Sing the words from the book

Lola est amoureuse

 Lola est amoureuseSing the words from the book.


 Nous ce qu'on prefere Make your own soup just like in the book! Learn the French words for different soup ingredients.

Dans sa maison un grand cerf

Dans sa maison un grand cerf Sing the song that goes with the book!

Le grand imagier des petits

Click on the image that matches the word said by the elephant.

Le grand imagier des petits



IL FAIT COMMENT LE CAMELEON? Click on a color and see how the chameleon changes colors and becomes like another animal.

Au feu Petit Pierre

Au feu Petit Pierre Help Petit Pierre put out the fire.  Use the arrows on your keyboard to move and put out the fire.


Vite! Help Pong, the little panda, decide where he can go to the bathroom.

Ne mets pas tes doigts dans le nez

Ne mets pas tes doigts dans le nez Where is the nose?  Click on the nose of each animal.


 CACHE Find 5 differences on the two drawings. Click on the differences on the drawing to the right.


AU SECOURS, VOILA LE LOUP Try to get the wolf out of the picture by using your right and left arrows.