Old Town French

French classes in Old Town Alexandria for children

Our popular French Baking Summer Camp registration is now open!  Please download this form and email, mail or drop off with payment to Mme Rebecca (address is on form). Email is: oldtownfrench@gmail.com

Our Summer Baking Camp is open to all children ages 6-12.  Does your child like to bake?  Does your child like the French language? Then this is the camp for your child!

Dates & Prices: 

July 1-5, 1:00-4:30 pm, ages 6-12 

Price: $300 for all 5 days including 4th of July,

$270 for 4 days(if you prefer to have no camp on 4th of July)

Ages 6-12: 

La pâtisserie : French pastries.  Children will learn to make a different French pastry each day.  At the end of the week, they will have a " dégustation" for their families where they can taste the delicious items they made during the week.  Children will also learn basic French through music, stories, movement, games and art. 

Where is the the camp? The Downtown Baptist Church, 212 S. Washington St. Alexandria, VA 22314.

Do you teach kitchen safety? Yes. Everyday we learn kitchen safety which we talk about as a group outside of the kitchen and when we are in the kitchen.  We learn and review these kitchen safety rules everyday:  1. Always ask an adult’s permission before entering and baking in the kitchen 2. Wash your hands. 3. Clean as you go. 4. Use a potholder to carry and hold hot items.5. Practice good utensil safety. 6. Ask before you lick. 7. Listen, listen, listen.

Are all levels of French welcomed? Yes: Zero French experience through advanced.    We begin the day with the whole group talking about the pastry of the day and kitchen safety in English.  Then we break off into small groups based on age and level of French.  Beginner groups will have their day in English with some French sprinkled in (no pun intended!)  Intermediate will have some of their small group activities in French and advanced will have most of their small group activities in French.   In addition, we hope that your child is having so much fun baking, doing art, and playing that they forget they are also learning the French language.

Should my child wear certain type of clothes? Please have your child wear safe, closed-toe shoes.  Also, children should not wear loose sleeves. Children should wear their hair back in a pony tail if they have long hair.

What are the ratios of campers to adults in the drop-off camp?
The ratio is 9 campers per adult. In the kitchen, the ratio is smaller, max 6 campers total in the kitchen with one to two adults. 

Any other questions?  Please email Mme. Rebecca at oldtownfrench@gmail.com